Measuring on your body.

1. Shoulder width from bone to bone. Do not inlcude the arm width.
2. Arm leght. From that point down to andinch below the wrist
3. from the base of neck to where jacket should end.
4. fromsame spot to waist in order to see where jacket should taper.
5. Bust contour
6. Waist contour
7. hips (or if thejacket is shorter than the hips, then measure around that final spot where jacket ends)



Please put an existing garment on top of a flat surface.

Stretch it so no cloth remains inside.

1.Measure across shoulder to shoulder

2- Measure arm leght,  all along it.

3 Measure total lenght.

4  Measure across bust, 5.waist and 6. Hips of if the jacket is  shorter, that spot where garment ends-